Marketing background and analysis summary of the machinery industry

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current marketing background in the machinery industry

In the current Internet situation, most of the current enterprise marketing layout includes the following four kinds:

1)Bidding and promotion

The mechanical equipment industry will give priority to search engines and e-commerce platforms. If bidding promotion, enterprises pay for the effect and quickly obtain intended customers. However, the professional requirements for background maintenance personnel are high, and professional staff management background is needed.

2)SEO optimization is what we are known as ranking the website search first through technical means. The price is relatively cheap, but the timeliness is slow, and the ranking optimization algorithm is less stable.

3)Traditional media

TV advertising and all kinds of yellow page phone calls and so on, for the enterprise accurate customer acquisition are not enough, and the transformation efficiency of customers is slow.

4)Traditional sales

The salesmen of enterprises go all over the country to develop the market, customers have a high recognition of sales, but for the current development of enterprise business is slow, the development cycle of customers is longer.

The particularity of the machinery manufacturing industry determines the product market mode, in the machinery industry, the general customer unit price relative to other industries, and some of the non-standard manufacturing, according to the demand of customer unit price will lead to a longer customer decision cycle, and customers will check the product inspection, quality control is more strict.

Most enterprises are facing the following marketing problems, the first is the Internet traffic demand, according to the customer analysis of the machinery industry, machinery industry customer search, most is the product demand, followed by the current customer search behavior is more concentrated, customers will directly search-related categories of products such as construction machinery, engineering machinery, or direct search product words and so on, the enterprises need is how to find the source of these intended customers, how to communicate and consult with customers in different platforms.

With the rapid development of the Internet and the increasingly heated market competition, business owners all want to seize the lead to gain more access to customer resources, which leads to the increased bid ratio and the lower conversion ratio. In addition, the level of business personnel is uneven, and most small and medium-sized enterprises have limited energy to maintain the platform, leading to the effect of the final platform is also different.

Internet marketing for the essential threshold to successful enterprises, some enterprises spend a lot of costs to put the website in the front of the search engine, but the product information on the website is not complete, website classification is not clear, picture chaos is not unified, to the website construction heat for only three minutes, don’t go to spend time to do and maintain the website, leading to the effect of enterprise marketing halved.

A good marketing site is a site that can generate a high conversion rate of traffic. Good websites need to have a certain attraction so that they can retain customers in the early stage and give customers a good first impression. A good marketing website is an artificial customer service that can be disguised to let customers take the initiative to generate consultation. Product advantages, characteristics, value, and other information to show customers, a stop to solve all the concerns before purchase. In the current Internet environment, the traffic of the mechanical equipment industry is mainly the search engine. The average customer will search for the related products directly on the search engine. And the search engine over the customer department transaction efficiency is higher, transaction amount, and rapid formation of cooperation. So enterprises need to find the right platform to take advantage of the marketing.

Industry crowd analysis

Through the crowd attribute coverage of Sogou backstage, we can intuitively see that in the computer industry, the coverage of men is 65%, 35%, and the age distribution is also a group of 24-40 as the main force, and 58% of the search customers’ degree is in junior college, which shows that the search customers are younger.

As the cover map can be seen through the wireless end, there is still a high proportion of men in the industry, but the mobile end is more inclined to be younger, is still the young and middle-aged people as the main search, and the degree presents a decentralized distribution.

The regional distribution of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shandong were the top three, respectively 23.25%, 14.07%, and 9.41%. , Most of the customer groups are more obvious in the coastal areas and industrialized cities.

It is not hard to see that most of the industries currently have hundreds of thousands of searches and that PC/ Mobile has our potential customers.

Through the background data, the background can see that the mechanical industry from the March point, the upward trend is the overall retrieval volume, the traffic of the PC end is about 60 million, accounting for 44%, the mobile end has about 70 million of the mobile terminal, accounting for 56%.

From our time retrieval, we can see that during the working hours, 8-12 am, 2-6 pm, and 8-10 pm, the small peak period of searching for our users, we need to pay attention to our delivery time period. Therefore, enterprises should focus on grasping this part of the traffic and formulate the company’s network planning in advance.

Policy analysis

From 660 million in 2017 to 754 million in 2020, the scale of mobile search users was further expanded, and mobile search is still the main way for netizens to obtain information. In the era of traffic, mobile is king.

 First, all is our search style

Through the precise search of potential customers to transform the website, there will be the company’s product display, as well as the free mobile terminal calling me function, to help enterprises to obtain customer resources more efficiently and timely.

Next is our intelligent splicing display

The customers can more accurately find the products they want, and improve the customer inquiry rate.

The recognition of customers comes from the continuous stimulation of enterprise brands. Small and medium-sized enterprises need to use their own advantages to find appropriate ways to improve the credibility of the brand so that customers can trust the enterprise more.

It can not only expose the brand but also pull marketing. The brand style advertising triggered by the background common word, 24-hour display click does not charge, the mobile terminal, computer terminal can be displayed, or it can also buy the mobile terminal and computer terminal separately. Strong exposure can increase customer trust, and let the enterprise’s own brand reduce the decision-making process and cycle for customers. Now more and more customers are paying attention to brand advertising, and the early investment cost may be higher, but the national traffic exposure and the location is limited and eye-catching display, can bring more transformation to our expansion customers. In fact, part of the trigger for the customer purchase comes from the recognition of the brand. With word of mouth and brand, our potential customers will buy because of our word of mouth. So branding is an indispensable step. It is essential to build their own Internet marketing brand closed loop in the long term. When our brand is formed, the company can use the brand power to pay a premium and produce more benefits.


Enterprise marketing needs to do well to combine their own actual situation, as long as diving to study, marketing is not a difficulty. Exquisite website to attract customers, professional operators to reduce the cost of the enterprise, choose the appropriate platform so that the enterprise can get twice the result with half the effort. Standing on the tuyere of the Internet, enterprises need to always keep up with the pace of the network, in order to achieve Growth performance.

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