Introduction, use, and maintenance of automatic reinforcement straightening cutting machine

Table of Contents

① Use and Introduction

CNC steel cutting machine consists of incoming line part, straightening part, cut-off part, etc., which can be roughly divided into straightening cylinder, leading mechanism, cutting mechanism, steel fixed frame, rack, and drive device. Its working principle is that the motor through the triangle belt transmission growth, make the straightening tube at high-speed rotation, through the straightening tube bar is straightened, by the motor through the belt drive and gear gearbox meter, traction bar forward, when the electric control box length set the bar, due to the spring, the blade table back to in position, complete a cycle.

Used for the production of railway guardrail, highway guardrail, breeding cage, hardware products, construction steel and other professional straightening and construction, high straightening accuracy, fast speed, high efficiency, not easy to failure, good work stability.

② Installation, commissioning, and operation specifications

Check whether the whole machine parts are complete and reliable position.

If a wall or other buildings, there should be about one meter of loose equipment maintenance space.

The has a wide space for raw materials.

Has a site for convenient stacking and transportation of finished products

Equipment installation shall be paid to ensure that the reinforcement straightening from the center of feed, straightening and pressing roller and the trolley fixed the center of the cylinder knife on a horizontal line. The landing rack shall be on the same centerline below the centerline to about 5cm. The landing bearing holder is against the body and fixed with expansion bolts.

The electrical control cabinet is installed on the ground of about 1.5 meters opposite the host.

The straight distance of the wire machine must be more than 6 meters to ensure that the reinforcement has enough expansion space to meet the production requirements.

The reinforcement adjustment cutting machine shall separately use an automatic air switch with leakage protection function not less than 60 amps, and a national standard cable line not less than 6 square meters shall be used to access the electric control box. The reinforcement straighter shall be installed with qualified protective ground according to the equipment identification.

③ maintenance and maintenance

  1. After CNC reinforcement straightening cutting machine is used continuously for half a year, it is recommended to conduct major maintenance, remove and wash the transmission parts, replace with clean lubricating oil, and carefully check the smooth condition of the oil road, which should be repaired in time when problems are found in the demolition and cleaning.
  2. Finds straightening tube deformation when in use and must stop use and regrinding.
  3. After the grinding times of the straightening roller, the diameter of the straightening roller is less than the requirements, the top of the transmission gear is tight and the gap between the rollers remains. At this time, the gear must be corrected.
  4. The front edge of the feed blade should be carefully corrected before installation, refined and smooth, allowing absolutely no sprinklers and cracks.
  5. After the blade is short, screw the sinking head screw and move out for use.

Cause and troubleshooting method:

The knife table is topped out for navigationExcessive movement resistance in the material tankAdjust the spin amount of the support column, adjust the offset, improve the straightening quality, and increase the pull rod spring to press the external force
Use a mirror with a knifeThe rod spring has the less tight force The increased tightening force method is the same as 1
Undetermined dimensions fall from the material tankThe support column is shortAdjust support column
Reinforcement is not straightThe alignment block offset is smallIncrease offset
Reinforced surface pull injuryThe roller pressure is too large, and the straightening block is damagedReduce the pressure and replace the adjustment block
Bend silk Adjust the straightening block angle, look at the regulator and roll slot, and cut off the total it all on a straight line
Short knots appear Slide with host pull spring over loose, adjust the pull spring
The machine vibrates too much Adjust the balance of the straightening block

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