Introduction to the concept of diesel engine concrete mortar spray

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Gone are the days of painstakingly manual laborious processes of applying mortar onto large surfaces – with this innovative tool, concrete spraying can now be done quickly and seamlessly.

Product Usage:

The products are suitable for spraying: building internal and external walls, ceiling, wall pulling, and slurry, high-speed embankment slope protection, etc.

Product Details:

Input voltageWater-cooled 2 cylinders 4 strokeWater-cooled 2 cylinders 4 stroke
Rated power12hp18hp
Hose diameter25#/32#25#/32#
Transfer distanceV:20m/H:50mV:20m/H:50m
M/S Ratio1:31:3
Sand diameter≤5mm≤5mm
Overall size1800*850*950mm1900*980*1000mm
Package size1850*870*1130mm1910*1000*1180mm
Gross weight340kgs400kgs

Product Features:

1)Mortar spraying machine, a kind of spraying machine can be called mortar sprayer, mortar spray equipment, cement mortar spraying machine, stucco machine which has a wide range of uses.
2)It is commonly used for indoor and outdoor wall spraying, cement mortar grouting, bridge grouting, and waterproof, fireproof,ceiling, wall, paint, garden spraying, as well as relief effect coating, sound-absorbing material spraying waterproof plugging, and filling.
3)The mortar spraying machine is very easy to operate and doesn’t need scaffolding, mobile equipment, even the small corners, and roof can be freely sprayed.
4)The use of this equipment can greatly shorten the construction period, improve work efficiency and save the expense of shelf materials.

Heavy-duty equipment plays a crucial role in building our cities and infrastructure. Among these machines, one stands out for its efficiency, durability, and versatility – the diesel engine concrete mortar spray. This powerful tool has revolutionized the process of plastering and rendering with its ability to evenly distribute concrete or mortar mix onto surfaces at an impressive speed. Whether you’re a contractor looking to upgrade your equipment or simply curious about modern construction techniques, you can discuss this topic with us below.

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