How to use the small vibratory road roller

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Small roads are mainly used for groove recovery, roads and stalls of the stadium, and have a wide range of applications. The type of routing machine is small and convenient, easy to learn, easy to learn, and flexible, so the operation is small and can be constructed in a narrow field. Because small road pressure machines generally use international and domestic well-known engines, the performance of the roller is relatively stable and the power is relatively powerful. Strong, low fuel consumption and convenient performance are relatively superior. It can be used with large road pressure machines. At the same time, the operation handles can be adjusted to bring a comfortable operating environment to the staff, which is convenient for transportation or storage.

When supporting the small road machine uphill, the rear drive wheels can withstand the driving force provided by the ramp and the machine itself. At the same time, the front wheels are initially compacted on the road to withstand the large shear force generated by the drive wheel; lower During the slope, the impact force generated by the self-weight of the roller is offset by the braking of the drive wheel. Small hand-down road machines, the hand-supported small roadside machine can only have the shear force after the mixing material after the front wheels are crushed. ability.

The hand-supported vibrating small roller is one of the types of road pressure machine. It is often applied in large-scale road repair and construction, but due to various human factors and the life span of the external environment, how it better prevent daily life from daily life? Love still needs to be used correctly.

1. When holding the uphill and downhill of the vibration, the gear should be selected in advance, and the shift is prohibited on the slope.

2. The adjustment of the clutch, the rising clutch, and the brake clutch may be performed after the main clutch is taken away. Do not use fast gears when turning sharply.

3. During the operation, it is not allowed to repair or refuel. When repairing the bottom of the mechanical, the internal combustion engine should be turned off, the brake is used to control the machine, and the roller should be wedged.

4. When the two roads are driving or crushing on the flat way, the distance should be kept above 3 meters, and the column is prohibited from driving on the slope. To prevent the brake or the slopes cause accidents.

5. The roller should be parked on flat ground, and it is not allowed to be parked on the slope. If you need to park on the slope, you must hit the wooden stakes in advance. Passing in winter must use a wooden board to pad the wheels away from the ground. Prevent frozen with the ground.

6. Hand-to-vibration vibrations and vibrations should be performed during driving to avoid damage to the flatness of the road surface.

7. When crushing the soft pavement, first crush 1 or 2 times without stimulating, and then crushes with vibration. It is strictly forbidden to regulate the vibration frequency without vibration.

       Only better and correct use can better maintain the service life for the hand-supported vibration.

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