How to Prep Concrete for Epoxy?

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What is epoxy floor?

Epoxy floor paint, also called epoxy floor, is a kind of high-strength, wear-resistant and beautiful floor, with no joints, solid texture, good chemical resistance, anti-corrosion, dustproof, convenient maintenance, and maintenance. Advantages such as low cost. Various solutions can be designed according to different usage requirements, such as thin-layer coating, self-leveling ground with a thickness of 1-5 mm, anti-skid and wear-resistant coating, mortar-type coating, anti-static, anti-corrosion coating, etc. Applicable to various venues, such as factory buildings, parking lots, computer rooms, warehouses, laboratories, wards, operating rooms, workshops, etc.
Epoxy floors were used for functional floors from the beginning: such as anti-corrosion, wear resistance, and non-slip, developed to general industrial floors. In addition to functional requirements, they also have decorative effects. On the basis of the wide application of industrial floor, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, it has now been promoted and applied in home decoration. Epoxy flooring has become one of the fastest-growing industries in my country, attracting everyone’s attention. It can realize factory production like cement products, and the prospect is even more impressive!
Epoxy resin is a synthetic chemical material, mainly divided into bisphenol A type, bisphenol F type, and other types. Its molecular structure determines the chemical stability of the epoxy floor, which is not easy to wear, pressure, and impact resistance. At the same time, without losing the advantage of rich colors. It is mainly used in heavy industrial areas, food processing areas, chemical, electronic industries, laboratories, etc. It has chemical resistance, dust resistance, anti-static, and abrasion resistance. An epoxy floor is a hard and dense integrated floor system formed by the curing reaction of epoxy resin (mortar can be added). Solvent-free epoxy floor, no solvent molecules escape during the curing process. After curing, the intermolecular bonding is tight and no pores. Its intermolecular force has hydrogen bonds and van der Waals forces, so it is stronger and stronger than concrete, so it has excellent stress resistance.

Epoxy floor of Construction preparation

Before epoxy floor construction, we must first prepare for construction. The preparation includes epoxy floor paint materials and construction equipment. Among them, epoxy floor paint materials require an epoxy primer, epoxy intermediate coating, epoxy topcoat, putty powder, quartz sand, and thinner; construction equipment requires grinders, grinders, milling machines, shot blasting equipment, Vacuum cleaner, broom, mixer, weighing, bucket, roller, floor paint (flat mouth, round mouth) trowel, flat bottom scraper.

Before the epoxy floor construction, the foundation treatment of the epoxy floor should be carried out. The main purpose is to completely expose the damaged, sand, loose, unstable, cracked, and hollow parts of the epoxy floor, and remove the floating mortar and old epoxy. Cement agglomerates, etc. are polished and smoothed, and the floating ash, pollutants, and other garbage on the surface of the base layer are cleaned up, and then the epoxy floor construction work can be started.

Epoxy floor of Construction steps

Epoxy primer construction

  • Make sure the ground is clean before construction, and remove any debris that adheres;
  • Mix the epoxy resin and curing agent in the correct ratio.
  • After mixing evenly, apply it with a scraper or roller.
  • Requires soaking to strengthen the attachment force.
  • After the first pass of drying and curing, apply the epoxy middle coat.

Construction of the epoxy coating

  • Make sure the ground is clean before construction, and remove any debris that adheres
  • Mix the epoxy resin and curing agent according to the correct ratio, and add a certain amount of quartz sand according to the ratio
  • After mixing evenly, pour it on the ground, use a trowel to spread the material evenly according to the designed thickness to increase the strength and impact resistance; make the ground more solid and compressive.
  • After the intermediate coating is dry, use sanding to smooth the sags and particles on the surface.
  • Clean the dust.

Epoxy putty layer construction

  • On a clean ground, stir the epoxy resin and quartz powder according to the correct ratio and then use a batch knife to evenly scrape on the ground to increase the combination between the middle coat and the surface layer and to further adjust the ground The flatness
  • According to the actual number of construction passes, it is required to be flat and without holes, without batch knife marks and sanding marks. Inspection method: make the ground completely flat and without holes, and the surface coating construction can be carried out without a batch of knife marks and sanding marks.

Epoxy top coating construction

  • Keep it clean before construction, and remove any debris that adheres
  • Stir the B component of the top coating material first; then add the curing agent to mix, and stir well
  • Use a roller to evenly coat the material
  • After the first coat is dry, apply the second topcoat.
  • Scrape the trowel again with a trowel for artesian flat coating.
  • Pay attention to the treatment of the junctions of successive construction; the coating is required to be uniform and has no sagging.

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Epoxy does not require any major maintenance
It can prevent the concrete floor from abrasion.
If you choose to add some anti-slip additives to the epoxy coating, it will improve the safety of the concrete floor.
Epoxy resin can resist water and oil stains and is very easy to clean.
You can use epoxy resin to increase the brightness of the interior space, as this coating creates a shiny surface.
Epoxy resin is the best coating for manufacturing plants because of its chemical resistance.

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