How to choose a vibratory plate compactor and tamping rammer

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1. What are vibratory plate compactors and tamping rammers:

There are two types of rammers with different working principles and uses plate compactors and vertical tamping rammer.

plate compactors are suitable for compacting large areas of sand and gravel, and vertical impact rammers are suitable for compacting long and narrow trench foundations of clay.

High configuration tamping rammer (small rammer) is widely used in construction, municipal, highway, railway, and other fields.

Such as backfilling and compaction around the foundation and structure, compaction of the ground, roadside stones, water tanks, etc. in the early stage. Compaction around cable trenches, pipe trenches, and poles; maintenance of streets, expressways and attached roads, etc.

2. Features of plate compactor and tamping rammer:

Plate Compactor Features:

A vibratory plate compaction is a compaction machine that utilizes the vibration generated by the exciter to carry out compaction operations. It has been widely used in foreign developed countries, and its domestic production and sales are also gradually expanding. A vibratory plate compactor is a compaction machine that uses a vibrator to generate vibrations for compaction operations. It is widely used in municipal engineering construction such as building foundations, backfill foundations, roads, squares, pipelines, trench compaction, and asphalt concrete pavement repair. Especially for non-cohesive sandy soil and gravel, the compaction effect is better. The product has the advantages of reasonable design, beautiful appearance, large impact depth, stable operation, no dead angle, and high efficiency. The machine adopts advanced high-frequency vibration compaction technology. It has the advantages of stable movement, high work efficiency, and labor-saving operation.

A tamping rammer is a compaction machine that utilizes impact and impact vibration to compact the backfill layer by layer. A tamping rammer is a construction equipment developed by IDEAL MACHINERY for the compaction of concrete, gravel, soil, etc. The tamping rammer is generally divided into electric tamping rammer, gasoline tamping rammer, and vibration tamping rammer. Among them, the gasoline impact rammer is also called the firepower impact rammer, which is manufactured according to the two-stroke internal combustion engine. In order to adapt to the rapid development of domestic high-speed rail, highway, floor, construction, and other industries.

3. Differences and characteristics of plate compactors:

The biggest difference between the two is that the applicable ground for compaction is different: that is, when your construction site needs construction, the consideration is whether the ground to be compacted is sticky or non-sticky.

Plate compaction is suitable for sandy granular media, such as sand, and asphalt (with sprinkler device), and tamping rammer is suitable for cohesive (soft) soil, where high compaction is required.

The different characteristics of plate compactor and tamping rammer in practical application:

The easy-to-operate and flexible vibratory tamping rammer can enter almost any corner of the construction site for construction, no matter indoors or outdoors, above and below ground, which is also its advantage compared with plate compactors. Work close to walls and foundations, even when backfilling. With it, it is possible to achieve precise compaction operations.

Tamping rammer is used in multiple scenarios:

The all-round compactor – the vibratory plate compactor

With a vibratory plate, the properties of the soil are even more suitable: whether it is a patio, garden, driveway or farm, it compacts cohesive and non-cohesive soils as well as mixed soils and is suitable for pavement work as well as asphalt work.

Multi-application scenarios of plate compactor:

Whether it is a matter of choosing a vibratory impact compactor or a vibratory plate compactor, the soil properties and available space should be checked first, and then the required degree of compaction should be determined.

Tamping rammer are suitable for tight areas and are easier to transport due to their lower weight. Vibratory plate compactors have a wider range of applications

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