How to choose a Steel Bar Straightening & Cutting Machine according to your needs?

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Steel bars are the backbone of construction and manufacturing, providing strength and support to various structures. However, these bars often come in lengthy sizes which need to be cut down or straightened to fit specific requirements. In order to efficiently and consistently meet these needs, a steel bar straightening and cutting machine is necessary.

Steel wire straightening and cutting machine is a kind of steel processing equipment, mainly used for straightening and cutting various steel materials, such as ordinary carbon steel, hot-rolled round steel, rebar, cold-rolled steel bars, etc.
Straightening and cutting machines can be widely used in bridges, pile foundations, building construction, standardized
construction, steel processing plant, and other industries.

Main Features:

  1. steel wire straightening and cutting machine is widely applied to the straightening and cutting of steel rebar in the engineering construction and steel processing sector.
  2. After the steel bar straightening and cutting machine, the surface of the modulated steel bar is basically non-scratched, the strength loss is small, the straightness is good, the operation is simple and the is convenient.
  3. Full automatic numerical control panel so that the steel rebar can be straightened and cut at the same time.
  4. Hydraulic (double-tube and double-knife) cutting, no clipper, more precise, more silent.
  5. High-quality straightening box with CR12 straightening wheels.
  6. Upgraded meter calculated wheel makes the rebar length more accurate.
  7. Microcomputer control, automatic straightening, automatic ruler setting, and automatic cut-off. Start and shut down by remote control within 30m.
  8. Multiple batches of simultaneous input length and quantity, computer storage memory.
  9. Powerful international standard pure copper motor.

Products Description:

Motor power7.5KW(1440r/min)9KW(1440r/min)
Straighten Rebar Diameter≤10mm≤12mm
Straighten The Diameter Of the Round Steel≤12mm≤12mm
Straightening Speed25-35m / min25-35m / min
Cutting Error≤1cm≤1cm
Oil Pump16 gear pump25 gear pump
Input Voltage3 phase 380V3 phase 380V

This is where steel bar straightening and cutting machines come into play – a revolutionary device that has transformed the way we handle these essential building materials.

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