How does the construction machinery industry break through the online marketing dilemma?

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Generally speaking, the construction machinery industry refers to the machinery manufacturing industry, generally including agricultural machinery, mining machinery, engineering machinery, and so on. The machinery industry is known as the “industrial heart”, and it is not only a means of production in other economic sectors but also the basis of economic development. We introduce one of these branches today: construction machinery.

Construction machinery is the general term of machinery and equipment used in engineering construction and urban and rural construction, including reinforcement machinery, pavement machinery, and concrete machinery. With the times of change, these traditional machinery industries also need to keep up with the trend of the big data era and create the road of network marketing.

Background introduction

According to the In-depth Research and Development Trend Forecast Report of the Construction Machinery Industry from 2020-2025, the statistical analysis shows:

1.In the first three quarters of 2019, the high boom of the construction machinery industry continued, and the sales volume of all kinds of construction machinery continued to grow. Drive the overall economic growth of the industry.

2.In the first three quarters, the total revenue of 14 construction machinery enterprises increased by 27.52% compared to the year.

3.The market share of leading enterprises is further improved, and under the background of the optimization and improvement of business quality, their profitability is continuously enhanced.

Although the domestic market is depressed in a severe situation, the construction machinery market is of great potential. The demand of the construction machinery industry has been showing a growth trend, with broad market prospects. For marketing, it is only a matter of time to improve marketing, improve marketing services and achieve rapid growth.

Industry status quo: challenges and opportunities coexist

The Challenge:

1.Industry competition is under great pressure

As the saturation of the market intensifies, the competition pressure of various construction machinery industries increases increasingly.

Take the concrete delivery pump, for example:

The search index rose from 606 in 2018 to 672 in 2019. From this data, we can see the increasing competition in the construction machinery industry.

2.The development degree of the industry gap is a wide gap

1)Small and micro businesses account for a high proportion of 70%

2)Lack of systematic complete Internet advertising strategy

3)Most small and micro-businesses lack the predictability of the Internet

3.The light and peak season is obvious

Every year from December to February, the promotion business is affected due to reasons such as cooling climate and policies.

As the saying goes: challenges always coexist with opportunities. How to solve these problems to meet the opportunities?

Solution and ideas

Bidding and promotion aspects:

1)Key word choice degree, improve the overall clicks and conversion of the account

2)Create novel and creative copywriting

Creativity is a recombination of various elements. Novel ideas can attract the target customers and improve the conversion time the first time.

1.Expand the traffic channels

Private traffic is customer data that can conduct marketing activities such as more than secondary links.

Deep digging into old customers produces more value

How to build your own flow pool?

1)First cover all network platforms as much as possible, including search engines, social platforms, short video platforms, and more.

2)Publish high-quality videos or pictures on various platforms to create the image of the enterprise, publicize its products and services, and so on.

3)Pay attention to the height of property rights.

4)Actively conduct brand publicity, and establish a corporate image.

5)Try a new product

Actively try the new network channels and promotion methods.

The peak season to push products, off-season heavy publicity

The peak season focuses on improving the search ranking of products so that customers in need find us for the first time. Off-season pays attention to brand publicity so that let customers understand our strength.

At the present stage of the epidemic, the construction machinery industry is facing many challenges, but as long as optimization, expand traffic and keep up with the development of the Internet, can turn challenges into opportunities.

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