How does the concrete polishing grinder work?

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what is a concrete grinder machine?

A floor grinder is mainly used for ground grinding treatment. It can effectively polish terrazzo, concrete surface, epoxy mortar layer, and old epoxy ground. It has the characteristics of lightness, flexibility, and high work efficiency. With a vacuum cleaner power socket, the vacuum cleaner power cord can be directly connected to the grinder, avoiding the trouble of two power cords when working. It is ideal equipment for floor engineering treatment. The ground-level grinder needs to be equipped with a grinding wheel for grinding. You can first use a polycrystalline diamond grinding wheel for scraping, and then use an ordinary diamond grinding wheel for grinding, which is more efficient

The cement floor grinder is the main equipment for floor construction. It is used with abrasives to roughen and smooth the ground from coarse to fine so that the surface of the concrete becomes uniform and smooth. In addition to the main function of rough grinding and leveling, the cement floor grinder can also be used with resin grinding pads to finely grind and polish the ground to further eliminate scratches and obtain a high-density, high-hardness, and high-brightness ground.

How does the concrete grinder machine work?

1. A dust removal device is designed, which can be connected to a vacuum cleaner for dust-free operation. The body provides a special power socket for the vacuum cleaner, which avoids the trouble of two cables during operation, which is convenient and convenient.

2. Overload electrical protection, circuit blocker can effectively prevent the motor from overheating and causing damage. The grinding motor with a 380v power supply provides you with worry-free and long-term grinding operations.

3. Long-life design, the use of rubber connectors to connect the grinding disc, completely avoid the vibration phenomenon caused by mechanical wear after the equipment is used for a period of time

4. Avoid hard contact between the grinding disc and the ground, completely solve the uneven grinding of the grinding disc, and the small and uneven contact area between the grinding disc and the ground. The service life of the grinding disc is longer and the grinding area is larger.

5. Easy and comfortable operation, low labor intensity

6. Provide rough, medium, and fine diamond grinding discs, customers can choose according to different bases to polish the ground

Concrete grinder machine features:Flexible adjustable speed change (protect the inverter when starting, play a buffering role)

The grinding disc can be flexibly replaced, and the weight is sufficient (the pressure of the grinding disc is sufficient), which is suitable for the requirements of different construction processes such as floor and concrete.

The front adjustable and flexible operation handles are suitable for grinding and polishing on the edge of the foot and a large area. The grinding disc can touch the edge of the foot for grinding and polishing at zero distance.

Excellent function, suitable for all kinds of epoxy floor, cement floor; leveling, grinding and polishing, slag removal, cleaning and other construction process requirements of epoxy terrazzo and epoxy emery floor.

The grinding disc is flexible and common. The grinding disc can be adapted to various sticky, snap-in round, horseshoe-shaped grinding blocks, grinding discs, automatic assembly line integral grinding discs (4 inches \ 8 inches 10 inches), bowl-mouth diamond grinding wheels, etc. Diversity of abrasive discs.

High safety: 24V low-voltage power supply is used for the start and stop of the equipment and the lifting of the front-end lifting system. Working motor overload and leakage protection device.

Stable speed change device: The front of the fuselage is equipped with a gear transmission gearbox, which can be connected to high and low gears, so that the power of the motor is 100%. At low speeds, the torque of the rotating shaft is greatly enhanced. The polishing process needs to improve the grinding, grinding and polishing efficiency.

The weight is sufficient, and the grinding disc is under heavy pressure: the machine weighs 250kg, and the corresponding pressure on the grinding disc is more than 180kg. High hardness (such as granite, polished tiles, epoxy quartz sand terrazzo, epoxy floor, cement floor) and low hardness (marble, artificial marble) ground are suitable at the same time.

How much will a concrete grinder remove?

a. Leveling, grinding, and polishing of cement floors, terrazzo floors, aggregates, flint or granite, etc.

b. Polishing the epoxy intermediate layer to smooth the rough surface or the traces of the trowel.

c. the treatment of coating surface, removal of surface adhesion, and coating defects.

d. remove the blemishes on the mortar surface and level the raised patches.

e. Remove paint, polyurethane, epoxy, etc. on the floor surface.

f. Cleaning, waxing and polishing the hardened floor.

How will a concrete grinder precautions?

When using the grinder, be sure to check whether the grinding wheel is damp or missing corners. If so, replace it in time, and install the grinding wheel firmly without looseness. During construction, construction personnel must also wear corresponding protective equipment, such as protective glasses, dust masks, etc. It is still necessary to check the various parts of the grinder, such as the protective cover and auxiliary handle, whether they are in good condition and whether they are loose when using it. When using the epoxy floor grinder, it is strictly forbidden to have flammable, explosive, and other dangerous goods around. The ground must be clean and tidy during construction. If you find that the temperature of the grinder reaches 50 degrees or more during construction, you need to stop working immediately and use it after cooling. Don’t apply too much force when polishing, it should be evenly applied.

IDEAL concrete grinder machine

At the IDEAL concrete grinder machine, this grinding machine gives you great flexibility and control, which is very convenient for Polishing high and low hardness floors. The concrete grinder also works extremely well for smaller commercial projects. we specialize in concrete grinders. We are premier concrete grinder manufacturers who can provide the concrete grinder you need for fast, efficient grinding right now.

A few of the many models we offer include the following:

<1>330mm concrete grinder (YM-330): This is our basic model

It is our basic model, suitable for small projects, and can work in a small space.

<2>630mm concrete grinder (YM-630): This is our upgrade model

 It is an ideal choice for construction sites. It can be used for polishing medium-sized parking lot floors, swimming pool floors, etc.

Partner with IDEAL for your concrete grinder needs

Our concrete grinder is very user-friendly, provides a simple, intuitive design and easy-to-clean hopper, so your team does not need to spend hours on maintenance, cleaning, or figuring out how your machine works. For a customized quotation for a concrete grinder, a grinder suitable for your business, please contact us immediately. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members offer technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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