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If you have questions about Ideal machinery, please read the FAQ first. If the listed answers still cannot solve your problems, please contact us directly, We’ll reply to you as soon as received your request.

As a dedicated manufacturer of Light construction machines, IDEAL MACHINERY provides a wide variety of construction machines to meet different demands from the markets. However, selecting the right products relies heavily on the correct construction site. we listed the frequently asked questions for your reference.

We also upload and upgrade the new questions to this page in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Road cutting machine

1 year warranty is available except for quick-wear parts, the Quick-wear parts are Walking wheels, diamond blade, Shaft bearings, and engine parts.

Everything is the same except the belt. if you want to install diesel engine to gasoline type, you just need to change the belt.

Yes, we have. the Q500B and Q480 type can be customized groove cutting function, the ZQW150 electric type is a self-walking groove cutting machine.

Because the spear parts are different, please see the following:

  • Aluminum Wheels
  • the Main shaft is made of 45# steel and through 6 times quenching.
  • Japanese bearings
  • The adjusting shaft is made of 45# steel and 6-time quenching.

Road roller

The self-weight of the machine is the following:

  • single drum 350kgs
  • double drums:550kgs
  • double drums water cool:630KGS
  • 850 type:800KGS
  • 880 types: 1000KGS
  • 1.5T, 2T,3T

The front drum size is 600*450mm, behind drum size is 600*450mm

 1 year warranty except for quick-wear parts, the Quick-wear parts are Throttle wire, Clutch wire, Belt, Clutch, Chain, and oil pump

Ours 3T road roller is made of a full hydraulic system and the oil pump is made of Danfoss

We have to clarify that before quoting you. sometimes the 1T and 2T are the compacting force.

for example, The single drum self-weight is 330KGS and the compacting force is 13.5KN(1.35T). so before you get the price, you have to make sure the roller self-weight and compacting force.

Floor grinding machine

The most popular method to grind a concrete floor is dry grinding and polishing with a vacuum hook-up. It’s a lot less messy. Most of these floor grinders can be fitted with wet grinding diamond discs or dry grinding diamond discs. The discs vary in grit from 30 to 3000.

But it is essential to know the answer to how much does a concrete grinder remove. On average, using concrete grinders will remove around 1/16 of an inch in one pass. You need to be diligent and patient in eliminating several layers of concrete and adhesives.

The primary sizes are 4-5 inches and 7-9 inches. A walk-behind grinder is ideal for a flooring company that pours a lot of concrete slabs in a week. You should also invest in one if you handle a few but large concrete slabs. The grinders range between 16-48 inches and single-disc units or those with multiple discs.

According to the disc, our concrete floor grinder have 330,350,400,630,700.

According to the Construction area, budget, working diameter, efficiency. Will recommend the most suitable type for your reference.

Concrete floor, stone floor, terrazzo floor, Epoxy floor, Steel plate, Damaged floor. Usually different disc. Etc.

Use ≥4㎡cooper electric wire. Use Air switch. Direct non-ordinary socket

Walking behind power trowel

The edge power trowel is widely used in indoor floor or narrow areas, it can change direction automatically when it strikes the wall, DMR600 is a normal type.

  • the appearance is different.
  • the Configuration is different, for example, the blade and pan thickness, reducer, spiders are different.
  • Material is different

DMR1000A is dual function power trowel. the working diameter is 1000mm and 800mm for choice (users can remove the flat steel from the protector and change to 800mm blade and pan, the working diameter turn to 800mm)
DMR1000B is a heavy type, it is made of a high-speed reducer, the walking wheels are more convenient to move, it is a dual function too.
DMR1000C is designed according to overseas technology. the working diameter is 1000mm
DMR1000D is made of a high-speed reducer and stainless steel

1-year warranty is available except quick-wear parts, Blade and pan warranty are 3000m²

1pcs is packed into a carton and then packed by iron frame(if necessary, we will use iron frame).

1 set is acceptable for Trail Order.20 sets can get wholesale price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete Pump

Concrete pumps transport wet mixed concrete from the mixer to the pour location. The wet concrete from a mix truck is discharged into a hopper where an agitator keeps it moving and flowing into the piston pump’s twin cylinders.

One cylinder pushes the concrete into the pipeline on the forward stroke, while the other cylinder draws concrete from the hopper on the return stroke. The pistons in both cylinders move in opposite directions to keep the pressure consistent and the concrete flowing freely.

A concrete pump can cover long distances, navigate around obstacles, over uneven ground, and through other buildings easily and quickly. If we can’t park our concrete mixer trucks close enough to simply pour the concrete straight into the required location, or if you have restricted access that would make wheelbarrowing your concrete unpractical, a concrete pump is an ideal solution.

The primary sizes are 4-5 inches and 7-9 inches. A walk-behind grinder is ideal for a flooring company that pours a lot of concrete slabs in a week. You should also invest in one if you handle a few but large concrete slabs. The grinders range between 16-48 inches and single-disc units or those with multiple discs.

Ensures a faster delivery and optimal time to work with your concrete Extensive reach pipes can navigate almost any obstacle or access issue

Saves time, manpower, and money

Cleaner and less messy than wheelbarrowing – no spillages Metered delivery for cost efficiency.

We can pump 1m³ of concrete per minute, greatly reducing the amount of time you would spend wheelbarrowing concrete to the required location.

Yes, we can pump concrete all year round. In the winter we might need to warm up the boom and insulate the pipelines, but it won’t stop us from delivering your concrete. Remember to take the appropriate precautions when pouring in cold conditions – refer to our Resource Centre for more information.

Most types of concrete can be pumped. The mix design just needs to be carefully proportioned to ensure it will flow easily.

Hiring our concrete pumps does come with an additional cost, but it can also save you money. Pumping is quicker and easier, so you save time and money on labor.

Concrete pumping is one of the cleanest methods of concrete delivery. Unlike wheelbarrows that can tip up, the pipes ensure no spillages between the truck and the pour site. We always recommend preparing a tarpaulin underneath the hopper to help with cleanup.

Rebar cutting machine

  • the cutting range is different,GQ40A is 6-28mm,GQ40B is 6-32mm,GQ40C and GQ40D are 6-40mm
  • Motor power is different, GQ40A is 2.2KW, GQ40B GQ40C and GQ40D are 3KW.
  • Configuration is different, the GQ40A and GQ40B are made of normal case and gears, GQ40C and GQ40D are made of heavy gears and cases. so they are stronger than GQ40A and GQ40B

the GQ40C is installed square blade and GQ40D installed circle blade, so the cutting surface of GQ40D is more smooth than GQ40C, it is usually used for threading screws with rebar threading machine.

if you take the quality into consideration, you will find that our price is reasonable. you know, our rebar cutter is made of heavy type gears which through 6times quenching, and the blade is made of 9crsi, the 100% pure copper motor and so on,1 years warranty is available, we will supply you free parts during the warranty period.

  • please check the pulley running direction, if the pulley is running clockwise, that means wrong wire connection, you have to exchange 2pcs power wire from the motor.
  • if the power wire is the right connection, you have to open the top cap and check the connect rod and clutch.

 The single-phase 220VAC can be customized, but the price is a little higher than the three-phase 380VAC

yes, the three-phase 220VAC can be customized,but the price is a little higher than three-phase 380VAC

GW42 Auto Rebar bending machine

  • 12mm thickness of desktop
  • CHINT electrical parts
  • Solid working disc and stylobate
  • heavy type ductile iron gearbox and gears.
  • Pure copper motor with brake

GW42 has a switch for setting Automatic and Manual. the working disc can stop and re-back automatically when it bends the set angle, The Manual type, have to stop and back by hand

Sorry, this machine just can bend round bar, flat steel, and square steel.

1-year warranty except for quick-wear Parts.

The Quick-wear parts include Shafts, sleeves, electrical parts, and so on.

The GW42 steel bar bending machine has approved CE ISO9001 certification

brake motor can be stopped immediately when cut down the power. so the bending angle is high precision.


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