Do you know what are the main configurations of concrete pumps?

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What is the concrete pump?

A concrete pump consists of a pump body and delivery pipe. It is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline. It is mainly used in housing construction, bridge, and tunnel construction.

A concrete pump has the following main technical parameters: delivery capacity, outlet pressure, motor power, and distribution valve form.

Do you know the main configuration of the concrete pumps?

Main engine power: Electric Motors or Diesel Engines

The motor power of a concrete pump is a prerequisite for determining the outlet pressure and delivery volume. With a certain motor power, the increase in pressure will inevitably reduce the delivery volume; on the contrary, reducing the outlet pressure will cause the delivery volume. increase.

In order to ensure that the concrete delivery pump must have a large delivery volume, but also have a certain outlet pressure and matching economic power, in the design of the concrete delivery pump, most of the constant power plunger pumps are used; that is, the constant power value After selection, when the outlet pressure rises, the output displacement of the oil pump will automatically decrease to reach the value corresponding to the power design; if you want to achieve high outlet pressure and large delivery volume The only way is to increase the motor power.

Cooling system: Air cooling system

Concrete pump cooling system, including oil tank, main oil pump connected to the oil tank,

The main oil pump is communicated with the main oil cylinder assembly through the electro-hydraulic reversing valve, and the main oil cylinder assembly is also communicated with the oil tank through an oil return pipe, and a cooler assembly is arranged on the oil return pipe, wherein the cooler assembly is It consists of a cooler fixed on the oil return pipe, a fan and a variable frequency motor for driving the fan.

The utility model is especially suitable for production occasions with strict requirements for oil temperature control of the concrete pump.

Conveyor system:  Pump pipeline.

Concrete pump pipe is a new type of construction engineering accessories product that appeared at the same time as the emergence of the concrete conveying pump. Its appearance has greatly improved the efficiency of construction. The operation method has been changed too quickly transporting concrete to the place where it needs to be poured, which has improved the construction efficiency by nearly a hundred times.

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