Concrete screed ruler

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What is a concrete screed ruler?

The hand-supported vibrating flat ruler is mainly used in construction sites, highways, and other constructions to smooth cement and concrete floors. The main features are convenient operation, high efficiency, and easy handling.
The vibrating ruler produced with IDEAL Machinery has advanced design, simple operation, and convenient maintenance. Use and import high-grade bearings to ensure the service life of the machine. Equipped with an internationally renowned brand high-speed engine, the operating speed can reach 7000 revolutions per minute. Stable quality, low fuel consumption, and durable. The height of the handle is adjustable and easy to use. The whole machine is light in weight and easy to carry. The machine is also equipped with an emergency stop switch.

concrete screed ruler for advantage

A vibration ruler is used to discharge the air in the concrete, smooth the surface of the concrete, and enhance the compactness of the concrete.

1.Replaces the two processes of roller and scraper in the traditional construction process, which reduces costs and improves efficiency.

2.The body is made of durable aluminum alloy material, the whole machine is light, easy to use, safe, and high flat.

3.Titanium alloy blades are durable and have high flatness.

4.The height of the handle can be adjusted to suit operators of different heights.

5.Easy to replace the blade, the length of the bottom plate can be customized for 1-6 meters

6.Equipped with original imported Honda engine, stable power, long life, and almost maintenance-free.

7.High-quality shock absorbers can reduce the vibration of the upper engine and armrests

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