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The laser leveling machine is a kind of equipment that takes the laser emitted by the transmitter as the reference plane and controls the leveling head in real-time through the laser receiver on the laser leveling machine, so as to realize the high-precision and fast leveling of concrete.

The laser leveling machine includes a frame, a laser system, and a computer control system. The level detection and control loop composed of the laser system and the computer control system constitutes a high-precision level detection and control method. It has the advantages of convenient operation, good leveling effect, concrete floor The advantages of good compaction effect, small height error, and high floor operation efficiency,

The equipment can be operated remotely, which is more conducive to the operator to observe the operation of the equipment and the ground conditions, improve the operation efficiency, and ensure the operation effect. The leveling operation is carried out inside, and the work adapts to a wide range.

Working Principle

The laser transmitter generates a rotating laser, and the laser receiver on the laser leveler receives the signal, which is analyzed by the laser measurement and control system. The deviation will be fed back to the sensitive computer control system on the laser leveler, and the left and right linear actuators will adjust the scraper The height of the board ensures the leveling accuracy.

The laser leveling machine uses a scraper to take away the raised concrete and preliminarily level it to reach the elevation required by the design.

The hydraulically driven vibration motor generates vibration with a frequency of 4000 times per minute, which drives the entire vibrating plate to vibrate the concrete together. The leveling of the laser paver does not require pulling control lines or supporting side templates to control the ground level but is controlled in real-time by the laser measurement and control system on the laser leveling machine. As long as the laser transmitter is not disturbed, no matter where the laser leveling machine moves to Wherever it is, it can be ensured that the overall level of the paved ground is not affected.

Product Configuration

ModelHonda GX210
Engine typeGasoline engine
Fuel tank40L
Lube oil1.5L
Fuel consumption150g/kwh
Wheel tvreSolid width tyre
Laser emitterTopcon
Laser receiverTopcon or Leica
Control effectSlab or Slope
Working width2.5m(2.8m,3.0m for select)
Paving modeAuto+manual
Compacting force500N
Vibratory Frequency50HZ
Control modePanel+remote control
Walking speed0-70m/min
Control modeMirocomputerscan
Driving modeElectric
Overall size2554*2500*1500mm

Product Detail Presentation

Honda engine:

Genuine Honda gasoline engine, the engine is capable of high-intensity work, and more durable, strong, and stable performance.

Slurry compaction vibrator:

The whole machine adopts the one-piece casting of the casing and the base, and the dust cover is stamped and formed at one time, which strengthens the sealing performance of the whole machine, and can be widely used in the working environment without explosion-proof requirements.

Imported laser receiving system:

It can automatically control the plane and two-way slope by receiving the signal of the laser transmitter. For the complex-shaped ground with high requirements such as drainage, it can also be equipped with a three-dimensional special-shaped ground processing system.

Operation integrated console:

Comfortable operation buttons, accelerator, start, forward and backward, and another integrated control platform, humanized operation, more simple and easy to understand and operate.


1. Reduce labor costs and double the efficiency

Traditional craftsmanship requires a large number of construction workers, requiring formwork (channel steel), dotting, and paving. About 20 people are needed. The daily construction area is 700 square meters. The total number of people who use the concrete laser leveling machine is more than half of that of the traditional process. Can be operated by one person. The daily construction area is 2500 square meters—3500 square meters, which greatly reduces the labor cost.

2. Laser point-to-point, high precision, low error

The traditional process of leveling requires formwork to control the elevation of the ground and pull the control line. The elevation error is large. The levelness and flatness of the entire floor cannot be guaranteed.

Using laser point-to-point transmitter, it is suitable for large-area one-time paving. There is a laser measurement and control system to control the elevation in real time,

There is no need to pull the wire for leveling, and there is no need to support the side plate in the middle to control the ground level. Therefore, the elevation error caused by the vibration of the formwork (channel steel) during the construction process is avoided, and the elevation error caused by the traditional manual traditional manual block formwork is also reduced.

3. Better flatness and integrity

The traditional process of construction, one day of formwork, and one day of the watering can only be skipped one by one for construction, which has large limitations, cannot operate continuously and has poor integrity, which is likely to cause cumulative errors in construction joints.

The concrete laser leveling machine is one-time overall paving for a large area of the floor, with higher efficiency and integrity, and the completion of the entire floor makes the ground integrity better.

4. The construction efficiency is high, and the ground is dense and uniform

When the concrete is leveled, it vibrates at a high frequency of 4,000 times per minute, and the leveling head vibrating plate produces uniform high-frequency vibration, making the concrete floor more compact and uniform; it is suitable for engineering projects with tight construction schedules, large paving area, and high-quality requirements.

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