Concrete Bull Float–has ushered in a new era of efficient work

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Have you ever encountered the following problems?

Traditional tools, which are inefficient, and slow

The construction time is long, and it can not reach the leveling effect

Concrete large plastering, to meet your different needs for concrete leveling

1)Applied range:

Products are suitable for the leveling of cement and concrete floors in construction sites and highways. The air is used to discharge the concrete, scrape the concrete ground and enhance the density of the concrete.

2) Product display:

Product Parameter:

Model: Stainless Steel Bull FloatApplication: Concrete Polishing
Handle Length:180cm*3Float Length:120cm
Material: Stainless SteelFloat Width:20cm

Name: Large concrete plastering

Material: aluminum alloy / stainless steel

Function: Concrete tools

Length:1.2 M


Product configuration

Patent Connector

Using a patented aluminum alloy turbine connector

The inlet seal double bearing design is durable, rotating the handle, easy construction.

Manganese steel wipe board

Provide 3-section 1.8 m measuring bars

The Advantages of  Ideal Machinery:

Cost advantage:

We strive to improve the level of enterprises in the constantly changing market trend. In line with the development of customers is our development, improve the quality of service and product quality, to ensure that every product can be qualified, so that it can bring real benefits to every customer.

Scale advantage:

Management has the foundation, with science and technology as the guide, is our pursuit.

product superiority:

Fast, efficient, and portable road machinery.

Scraping once completed, construction is more convenient and fast. Completely overcome the disadvantages of traditional tools, to realize the construction of solid, flat concrete pavement.

after-sale service

In line with the principle of customer first, Edison Machinery wholeheartedly provides customers with high quality and low price products.

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