Common faults and maintenance methods of thread rolling machine.

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1. Can’t roll out or messy silk.

The rotation direction of the rolling head (roller wheel) is incorrect;

The order of the positioning set is incorrect;

The roll wheel, positioning the set is damaged;

2. Don’t start

The air switch is always closed to close; the power supply is missing;

The thermal protection device has a protective effect and insurance burns;

The wiring falls off and the transformer has burned.

Control whether the line contact is damaged or poor contact.

Check the stop button and whether there is a loose loosening; whether the button of the button is good;

Check whether the limit in front of the roller equipment is good and whether the contacts, lines, and insurance are damaged (the transformer is in, but the insurance is out)

3. No reversal

The front stroke switch has been bad (about 7,000 times); the delay relay does not move:

The distance between the block and the stroke switch is insufficient, and the pressure block is not in place or damaged the card resistance;

Wiring falling off; whether the contacts are poorly exposed or damaged, check whether the previous limit contacts are not in place, whether the closed point is disconnected, whether the point is closed and whether the time relay opens point is closed;

Check the limits behind the machine, whether the closing point is disconnected, check the point of the line, whether the line is loose, poor contact, damage, disconnect, etc.

4. Car Shunli:

Put the clockwise peeling and rolling wire, and retreat in clockwise

5. The order of changing the inner pads of the roller wheel:

Clockwise: thick, medium thin, thin, and thick outer pads;

6. Fine-tuning size:

After the six inner angle screws (or three outer hexagonal screws) behind the pine roller wheels, use the activity wrench to adjust the size

7. The length of the wire is tuned:

Adjust the block distance on the dual-stroke switch

8. The length of the allocation of the skin:

Adjust the square seat on the installation of the knife shaft

9. Car reflector

(1) The sequence of the pads in the roller wheels is reversed

(2) The button switch is dialed upward

(3) Peel the clockwise counterclockwise, press the new switch and then retreat and press the time of the new clockwise to roll the wire.

Precautions for using the thread rolling machine:

1. Before the operation, connect the power cord and ground wire as required to connect the power. The power supply is a three-phase 380V 50Hz AC power source. In order to ensure the safety of the human body, the leakage needs to be used. Automatic switch of electric protection function.

2. In the coolant box, add soluble coolant (strictly prohibited refueling coolant). The cooling liquid must use water-soluble emulsified coolant. It is strictly forbidden to use oily coolant, let alone use ordinary lubricant instead. When there is no coolant, it is strictly forbidden to roll the rolling processing thread. To connect the power, you need to check whether the cooling water spring work is normal. Operation button to check whether the work of the electrical control system is normal. According to the diameter of the processed steel bars, pay attention to the roller wheels that are compatible with the machining diameter.

3. Pay attention to putting the reinforced steel bars to be added on the entrance of the context. The extension of the length should be aligned with the rolling head-peeling end of the starting position, and then pull the dryer handle to clamp.

4. The end of the steel bar to be processed should be flat and must be cut with a toothless saw. And within the length of 500mm at the end, it should be round and straight, no bending is allowed, and it is not allowed to directly process the end cut by gas cutting or cutting machine.

5. When the rib stripping knife cuts a certain amount of steel bars, the blade will become blunt. At this time, the rib stripping knife should be removed, and the front edge of the knife should be ground to 0.2-0.3mm (sharpening the top surface of the knife is strictly prohibited). When the edge of the rib stripping knife cracks and cannot be cut normally, a new blade should be replaced in time.

6. The feed should be uniform during the initial cutting, and do not advance sharply to prevent the blade from cracking. Slideways and sliders should be cleaned and oiled regularly. The iron filings after processing should be cleaned up in time. Generally, the cooling liquid tank should be cleaned once every half month. The reducer should be refueled regularly to maintain the specified oil level. In addition, the rolling machine needs to pay attention to regular maintenance.

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