Advantages of automatic rebar tier machine

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Hello everyone, I am very happy to recommend this automatic rebar tying machine to you. When you see it, you must be surprised by its appearance and eagle beak, it looks precise and powerful. when You hold it in your hand, your index finger can touch the tying switch easily, 2kg lightweight, and the humanized design make it easy to operate.

This machine is packaged in a fire-resistant plastic toolbox, with 2pcs 4400mAh lithium batteries, 1pcs online charger, 1pcs battery charger and maintenance tools, and one roller wire.

The rebar tier is not only labor-saving but also high efficiency. manual tie the rebar needs 8 seconds, but the rebar tying machine only needs 0.8 seconds to make 1pcs, the rebar tying range is 20-34mm

Except that, it has other features like the following

①10 types elastic adjustment switch suitable for stable kinds of rebars.
②the hidden power switch, when the machine is not operated in the 60s, the intelligent alarm will work
③Imported motor, strong power, and long service life
④Industrial-grade special charger, stable output, fast charging
⑤Forging blade for cutting fast and sharp
⑥Charging for 1.5 hours can work continuously for 4 hours

Installation steps:

①Open the plastic button at the position of the wire reel, and then put the wire reel into the hole
②After installing the wire reel, straighten the wire until 10~15cm, and slowly insert it into the plastic mouth
③After inserting the plastic mouth until the wire hits the gear so that the iron wire enters the specified track
④Press the power switch, the red light will be on, and the alarm will beep twice, indicating that the machine is normally turned on
⑤Push the tying switch, the wire is sent out through the specified track, and test whether it is normal
⑥Adjust the slider to keep the diameter of the circle.

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