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1.What is a road cutter machine?

The road cutting machine is a tool used for road maintenance and construction. Its main function is to cut seams on the road surface. Generally, it can be a thin line with a depth ranging from 100mm to 500mm. It is often used on cement roads and asphalt roads. A certain degree of proficiency is required to operate the machine in order to perform normal construction. The road cutting machine uses a thickened frame and diamond saw blades. It is mainly used to cut the expansion joints of concrete roads. At the same time, it can cut and groove various specifications of concrete products, marble, and granite products. It is concrete road construction. Construction machinery is necessary for the project.

2.The purpose of road cutting machine

The road cutting machine is designed to provide professional cutting for municipal construction re-election, road maintenance construction, airport road cutting, communication engineering burying, floor, driveway, and other on-site operations. Changing different types of saw blades in use can effectively cut new and old concrete and asphalt pavements, and can be loaded with water tanks for motorized cutting operations with water. This machine is mainly used for cutting concrete, cement, floor, and stone pavement; for cutting pavement shrinkage joints or damaged pavement, its operation and use are simple, and it is more convenient when there is no power supply.

3.The working principle of the road cutting machine

The cut joints of the concrete pavement are called “contraction joints”. In the process of concrete setting and hardening, the hydration of cement will release a lot of heat, which will cause the temperature of the concrete to rise; most of the cement hydration reaction ends, and the temperature of the concrete begins to drop. In the cooling process, the concrete has hardened, and the shrinkage caused by cooling will cause the concrete to crack, and the direction of the cracks is relatively random, which seriously affects the quality and service life of the pavement.

Therefore, usually 8-12 hours after the concrete is poured (must be before the temperature of the concrete pavement starts to decrease), the shrinkage joints should be cut at an interval of 4-6 meters, and the cutting depth is about one-third of the thickness of the pavement, which can induce the concrete to shrink. Cracks are generated along the cutting seams to prevent random cracks. Then, pavement shrinkage joints should be filled with asphalt or sealant for sealing to prevent rain and snow from entering the roadbed.

Therefore, shrinkage cracks on the concrete pavement are inevitable. Cutting shrinkage joints is to induce and control the location and direction of shrinkage cracks on concrete pavement.

4.Model of road cutting machine

According to the size of the saw blade that can be installed, it is divided into 300, 350, 400, 500, 700, 1000, etc. The cutting depth is different for different saw blade sizes. Generally, there are more than 500 types. 300-500 saw blades can be installed. The maximum cutting depth is 180MM. According to the power, it is divided into diesel type, gasoline type, and electric type. The 500 diesel type generally uses a 9P engine. For example, Changchai 186FA, gasoline engine uses 13HP gasoline engine, such as Loncin 420CC, Honda GX390. The electric type needs a 7.5KW motor to drive. The road cutting machine and the impact tamping trowel are driven in different ways. A belt pulley is installed on the output shaft of the machine head. According to different operation methods, it is divided into road cutter machine, groove cutting machine. Dual-purpose machine for road cutter and groove. The special machine for electric engraving is automatic walking, one cutting motor, and one walking motor.

1)Q500B—Saw blade size 350-500mm,The cutting depth is 180mm,Applicable power is diesel and gasoline,Power is 9-13HP

2)Q500C—Saw blade size 350-500mm,The cutting depth is 180mm,Applicable power is diesel and gasoline,Power is 9-13HP

3)ZQW-150—Semi-automatic walking.Saw blade size 150mm,The cutting depth is 15mm,Applicable power is electric

5.Selection of diamond saw blades

Manufacturers usually provide diamond blades of various quality and cost levels, from basic economical to top-quality or professional versions. Generally, the main difference between these options is the diamond content, which is the largest raw material cost for manufacturing the blade. Upgrading from a standard blade to a premium blade may increase the cost by 20% or more, but you will get a higher concentration of diamonds and a longer blade life.

The sizes of saw blades commonly used in road cutting machines are 150mm, 350mm, 400mm, and 500mm.

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