A few tips for selecting one suitable concrete cutting machine

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Cutting concrete pavement sounds difficult and troublesome. Once you have chosen the right tools and applied the right techniques, cutting the concrete pavement is easy. Here are some tips to help you choose the right machine.

What is concrete cutting machine.

A road cutting machine is a tool used for road maintenance and construction. The main function is to cut the road surface. Changing different types of saw blades in use can effectively cut new and old concrete and asphalt pavements. It can be loaded with water tanks for motorized cutting operations with water, and cut pavement expansion joints or damaged pavements. It is easy to operate and use, and it is more convenient when there is no power supply.

Features of road cutting machine

1. The surface is sprayed with plastic, beautiful and beautiful, anti-rust and corrosion-resistant; 

2. The cutting speed is fast, the cut is smooth and beautiful, and it can cut the steel bars in the concrete at the same time;

3. The structure is simple, reliable, flexible and convenient to operate, and durable;

4. The road cutting machine comes with a water source to spray the cutting blade so that the blade life will be longer;

5. Strong power and easy to move.

6. The super rigid box frame guarantees the straight cut, resists warping and vibration; extends the service life of saws and blades;

 7. The design conforms to the principle of ergonomics, and the handle height can be adjusted according to the comfort of the human body;

8. The crank can be turned to adjust the depth of the cut, the front-hinged and blade protection design is convenient for blade replacement;

9. The rust-free water tank provides suitable water flow and volume for the blades.

Why you need a cutting machine.

Expansion joints need to be left on the newly laid pavement to withstand the impact of hot and cold weather and humidity changes on the ground.

There are cracks and damages on the old pavement that need to be repaired, and some damaged places are cut. A concrete cutting machine can perform partial cutting and crushing.  

When expanding the road, it is necessary to cut the original corners neatly.

Refurbishment of the factory floor, high-speed pavement, ditches, and sewers.

During the experimental inspection, the cement, asphalt, rock, etc. are cut to observe the internal structure and so on.

Common misunderstanding about choosing one concrete cutter.

Customers usually think the greater the horsepower, the better when choosing a concrete cutting machine. But the horsepower increase, the weight of the machine also increases. If the weight ratio does not reach the desired effect, injury accidents are prone to occur. Therefore, it is clear that you must choose a model that suits you, and do not blindly pursue efficiency, because weight and volume are also things that operators should care about.

Questions to clarify before buying.

Before buying a machine, you must first know the material and cutting depth of the ground you often cut. The depth of normal cement floor and asphalt pavement is generally less than 15 cm. Therefore, it is most suitable to choose a 500-type road cutting machine. The 500-type road cutting machine is general. The cutting depth is 18-20 cm or less.  

At present, the cutting machines sold on the market have three kinds of power, electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine, according to different needs, choose the one that suits you. However, due to power constraints, it is more recommended to use gasoline and diesel power.

Choosing us–IDEAL machinery.

  For products:

a. Simple operation, easy to solve all road cutting problems. Strong power, famous brand engine, gasoline and diesel engine, two kinds of engines for option.

              b. Large capacity water tank, reduce fill water times, spray design for reducing the heat of blade.

              c. High-quality steel, excellent welding technology, the whole machine adopts power coast workmanship.

              d. Low noise design, professional noise reduction equipment.

             e. High-strength saw blade, aluminum wheel, precision hand control. Details show our dedication to quality.

For service: Rich export experience makes your purchase smoother.

Professional technicians help you solve the problems you encounter in time

We do not blindly pursue high prices, we value cost-effectiveness more. We seek win-win cooperation with customers.

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