35HP farming equipment agricultural cultivator machine

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35HP Royal cultivator machine is suitable for large-scale, small-area removal of weeds, and weeding operations for orchards, farmland, corn, and mountains.


1. Low fuselage, double-track design. Through sex, stability, and climbing ability, it can adapt to various terrain.

2. Diesel engine, abundant power, low fuel, long service life, worry-free.

3. Start with one button, adjust the front and back of the seat, freely adjust the back, and equip the seat belt. One more layer of protection, a little more assured, the humanized design such as track protective mud boards.

4. Various operating tools are hydraulic lifting, simple operation, and convenient use.

5. The load-bearing wheels in the track are formed by casting steel at one time and do not weld.

6. Set up the ground function of the bulldozer, there is a rotary plowing machine, but the machine can be used for two uses

Product advantages:

1. After the fuselage is polished by rust removal, it is rust and other processes such as rust, and the surface static spraying plastic is sprayed. The high-temperature baking is quickly hardened. It has the advantages of high lacquer surface hardness, not easy to rust, and not easy to fall off.

2. Thickening rubber track, containing high-strength steel wire layers, resistant to bending and bending, rubber is not easy to age.

3. Integrated gearboxes, easy maintenance, simple and simple maintenance, primary variables, and tool transmission devices are cast as a whole. It is not easy to deform, CNC machining center processing, and the assembly is strictly operated in accordance with the prescribed operation.

4. Fill in a ditch and fertilize a piece of completion, soil, and fertilizer, change backfilling, rotary cultivation, and weeding. Ground steering.

5. It is easy to start, save fuel, leave without surplus, operate lightly, and easy maintenance.

6. Composition of rubber+five -layer steel wire+rack • Do not run or derail (1. There are guide rails 2. There are adding tooth rulers).

7. Water tank cools, thickened the outer water of the water tank, and is the capacity ambassador for a long time.

Product details:

1. Engineering rubber track

It is more durable and more abrasion-resistant and low, shakes small built-in steel wire chains.

2. External engine

It is convenient for maintenance and convenient inspection and maintenance. It is clear at a glance.

3. Hydraulic operation

Hydraulic lifting, convenient and practical hydraulic regulation, simple operation.

4. Before and after control

In the previous control of the lifting shovel, the lifting of the agricultural tools is controlled after the upper and falling.

5. Control panel

The fuselage optional bald or loader bucket is used for multiple uses, and agricultural engineering is correct.

6. headlights

7. Configure the headlight turn signal, large light, wide irradiation range, and operation at night.

8. Spring Treasurer

Thickening steel plates, high -quality spin -plowing blade, and heat treatment, is not easy to deform.

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