How does the rebar bending machine work?

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What is a steel bar bending machine?

The steel bar bending machine can bend round steel and steel bars. The steel bar bending equipment can bend steel bars within a certain diameter range into various arcs between 0° and 180°.

A steel bar bending machine is a machine widely used in construction and construction for bending steel and other heavy metals. It is considered one of the most economical materials in construction. The rebar contains long steel shafts, which may need to be bent before being used in construction. Different types of bending machines are used for steel bending in the construction industry. All types of pipe benders are different in design and engineering, strength, technology, and use. In addition to bending steel bars, different machines also provide unique functions and capabilities according to the tasks that need to be performed.

Five rebar bending machines used in construction

  1. Manual Rebar Bender Machine

In many cases, we can use a manual rebar bending machine, and the correct use of this bending machine to bend the rebar depends on leverage. The manual bending machine can bend the steel bar by pressing the lever, depending on the strength of the person. They are still used in concrete buildings. The diameter of the steel bars should also be considered when using a manual bending machine. It can only bend steel bars up to 63 mm in diameter

2. Portable Rebar Bender Machine

There are many portable steel bending machines on the market, and you can choose the type of bending machine according to your type of work. The function, power requirements, portability, and operating time of the rebar bending machine should be considered before purchasing. The portable steel bar bending machine can accurately bend steel bars without damaging the strength of the metal bars. They are easy to use and carry.

3. Electric Rebar Bender Machine

Electric steel bar benders are widely used in reinforced concrete buildings and can bend steel bars into various radians and angles according to design requirements. The electric rebar bender can bend different specifications and different grades of steel bars. This type of rebar bender is electric and easy to use.

4. Automatic Rebar Bender

The automatic steel bar bending machine is a rebar bending machine, which has the advantages of automatic numerical control, and can automatically adjust the gears, to easily switch between the required bending angles. It is easy to use and contains a CNC panel that provides precise steel bending.

How does the rebar bending machine work?

The steel bar bending machine generally includes a reducer, a large gear, a small gear, and a bending disc.

The motor and the reducer are directly connected to make a primary reduction; the small gear meshes with the large gear to make a secondary reduction; the large gear always drives the curved disc surface to rotate; the curved disc is provided with a central shaft hole and several curved shaft holes; square bars on the work surface Several positioning shaft holes are respectively arranged on the upper part, and the rebar can be bent in both directions by using the forward and reverse rotation of the motor. The central shaft can be replaced for easy maintenance.

Inching type rebar bending machine
ModelBending rangePowerDimensionWeight
Automatic rebar bending machine
GW426-40mm3kw brake motor850*900*900mm350kgs
GW50C6-50mm4kw brake motor870*810*850mm380kgs
Stirrup bending machine

Model of steel bar bending machine

Three types of steel bending machines are generally used on construction sites. They are Worm-gear-type rebar bending machines, automatic rebar bending machines, and stirrup bending machines.

1)Worm-gear-type steel bar bending machine mainly consists of frame, motor, transmission system, the working mechanism (work plate, insert seat, square bar, spindle, etc.), and control system. There are walking wheels under the frame for easy movement. The gear-type steel bar bending machine is powered by a motor with a brake to drive the work plate to rotate. The two square bars on the left and right of the working mechanism can be adjusted steplessly through the handwheel and can be bent and formed with steel bars of different specifications. The angle control is realized by the cooperation of the travel switch and the limit pin. When the steel bar is bent to a pre-selected angle, the limit pin touches the travel switch, which causes the motor to stop and reverse, return to the original position, and complete the steel bending process. In addition, the electrical control system also has features such as jog/auto two-way control, instantaneous braking, and short-circuit protection for emergency stops and emergency systems.

2)The gear-type steel bar bending machine is mainly composed of a frame, a motor, a gear reducer, a working mechanism, and an electrical control system. It changes the traditional worm gear drive and adds an automatic angle control mechanism and a braking device. After the motor power is decelerated by the belt pulley, two pairs of spur gears, and the worm gear rod, it drives the working plate to rotate. There are 9 shaft holes on the working plate, the center hole is used to insert the central shaft, and the surrounding 8 hole seats each have 6 holes for inserting the iron stop shaft. In order to facilitate the movement of steel bars, feeding rollers are also provided on both sides of each workbench. When working, according to the bending shape of the steel bar, the steel bar is placed flat between the center axis of the working plate and the corresponding forming axis, and the inner side of the retaining axis. When the working plate rotates, one end of the steel bar is prevented from rotating by the retaining shaft, the position of the central axis remains unchanged, and the forming shaft rotates in an arc around the central axis to push the steel bar.

3)The stirrup bending machine is a special machine suitable for bending stirrups. The bending angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, and its structure is similar to that of a rebar bending machine. The power of the motor is reduced by a pair of pulleys and two pairs of spur gears to make the eccentric disc rotate. The eccentric disc drives two connecting rods through an eccentric hinge, and each connecting rod is hinged with a rack, so the rack reciprocates along the slideway. The rack drives the gear to make the working plate reciprocate at a certain angle. There are two shaft holes on the working plate, the central hole is inserted into the central shaft, and the other hole forms the row shaft. When the working plate rotates, the central axis and the forming axis rotate with it. The same principle as the steel bar bending machine can bend the steel bar into the required stirrup.

Operation and Maintain of rebar bending machine

Operation matters:

1. Check whether the mechanical performance is good, the workbench and the bending machine table are kept level, and prepare various mandrel tool blocks

2. According to the diameter of the processed steel bar and the requirements of the bending machine, install the mandrel, forming shaft, iron stop shaft, or variable stop, the diameter of the mandrel should be 2.5 times the diameter of the steel bar

3. Check the mandrel, the stopper, and the turntable should be free from damage and cracks, and the protective cover should be fastened and reliable, and the operation can only be performed after the empty machine is running normally.

4. When working, insert the bent end of the steel bar into the gap provided by the turntable. The other end of the steel bar bending machine is fixed against the body and pressed by hand. Check that the body is fixed and it is indeed installed on the side blocking the steel bar. Can start.

5. It is strictly forbidden to replace the mandrel, change the angle, and adjust the speed during the operation, nor add oil or remove

6. When bending steel bars, it is strictly forbidden to process steel bars that exceed the diameter, number of bars, and mechanical speed specified by the machine

7. When bending high-hardness or low-alloy steel bars, the maximum restricted diameter should be changed according to the mechanical nameplate, and the corresponding mandrel should be exchanged

8. It is strictly forbidden to stand people within the working radius of the bending steel bar and on the side of the fuselage that is not fixed. The bent semi-finished products should be stacked neatly, and the hooks should not face upwards

9. When the turntable is reversed, it must be carried out after it has stopped.

10. The work is completed, the site is cleaned, the machinery is maintained, and the power-off lockbox.


1. It is not allowed to bend thick steel bars at high places or on scaffolding to avoid falling from high places due to pulling off during operation;

2. Before the formal operation of the machine, all parts of the machine should be checked, and the no-load test operation is normal before the formal operation;

3. When operating, pay attention, be familiar with the direction of the working circle, and place the steel bar in accordance with the rotation direction of the stopper and the work plate, and cannot be reversed;

4. During operation, the steel bar must be placed in the middle and lower part of the plug, and it is strictly forbidden to bend the steel bar beyond the cross-sectional size. The direction of rotation must be accurate, and the distance between the hand and the plug must not be less than 200mm;

5. During the operation of the machine, it is not allowed to refuel or clean, and it is strictly forbidden to replace the mandrel, pin, and change the angle.

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